TMOHENTAI is a website destined for all type of adult public.
  • Content rating and default view of the web by content type (Hentai, Yaoi y Yuri)
  • Preview content before accessing the reader
  • Top of the most viewed uploads on the web
  • Full reader with different viewing options: Cascade view, pagination, width adjustment and full screen mode
  • You can view and download the uploads made by other users on the web and organize them between favorites and sleeves sleeves and take control of new and viewed chapters.
  • As a scanlation group TMOHENTAI.com Will serve as a repository where you can upload and manage projects in a simple way so that they can reach a larger number of fans and have a complete and simple reading interface.

Comunity Rules

In the following link you will find the rules and rules for groups and users: Comunity Rules

Functions available for registered users:

  • From the moment you register on the web you can create your own group from the "upload" section to start uploading your own projects to the web. (Fan-made translations or own works)
  • From your profile you can easily and quickly manage your uploads to correct expired links, edit the information or remove the upload
  • Take control of your favorites and earrings from your profile after you have marked them as "pending or favorite".
  • Access to the section "My pending chapters" located on the main page to remember those works still to be seen
  • Rate and rate works published in TMOHENTAI.com
  • Download of works stored on the web
  • Access to your own profile which you can edit to choose a background for the reader and the default types to display (All, Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri), avoiding in this way the content in which you are not interested.
  • Registration on the web is not necessary to use chat or comment chapters (require their own registration)

How can I use the chat?

TMOHentai.com Use the chat of CHATANGO and to make use of this is necessary the registration in its platform which is common for all the webs of the world that use this system of chat and not only the one of TMOHentai that appears in the main page.

How can I comment on chapters uploaded to the web?

The registration of DISQUS is common for all the webs in the world that use this system not only TMOHENTAI and will be necessary to comment all the uploads made on the web.

What are the points and how to obtain them?

The points are used to download the uploads that do not have their own link, these can be obtained by uploading content on the web, you will also receive points for each day that you access the web with your user.

Functions only available for groups (Scanlation / Uploader):

  • From the moment you register your group you can start making uploads on the web from the "upload" section to start uploading your own projects to the web. (Fan-made translations or own works)
  • From the group profile you can easily and quickly edit your group and manage the members that form it (invite or expel)
  • Take control of your uploads and the pending chapters to validate from the profile of the group
  • Ability to add your own download link to your uploads and be able to use shorteners or the download system you prefer

Why is not my upload published?

All uploads made by groups that do not have automatic validation must be valid before publication

How to obtain automatic validations?

In order to have automatic validations it is necessary to comply with the community rules and request the activation through our mail Info@tmohentai .com Indicating what your group is and why we should activate automatic uploads.

How can I schedule uploads on the web?

To be able to program the uploads of the web it is necessary to have automatic uploads activated for your group

¿How can I contact with TMOHentai?

You can contact us through the following contact link Oo through our email address [email protected]